Birth Pool Rental

Why Use a Birth Pool?

Laboring in a tub large and deep enough to allow you to beecopoolfullview2 cropped
in a supported upright position while fully submerging your abdomen is one of the most powerful natural pain relievers for labor and birth. Whether you are planning a waterbirth or not, you will find great benefit to laboring in the tub. Laboring in a tub once you are in active labor can actually speed your labor up, reduce your level of pain, and even decrease the incidence of perineal tears (likely due to the softening of tissue by the warm water).

Tub Details

  • La Bassine Water Birth Pools come in personal and professional grade models and are uniquely designed.
  • La Bassine is sold more than any other pool in the USA and is preferred by midwives and moms all over the world.
  • Perfect for homebirth, birth center and hospital.
  • Measurements: External – 65″ x 53″ x 28″ // Internal – 50″ x 38″ x 26″
  • Long enough to stretch out, deep enough to cover your belly
  • Made of eco-friendly, durable 0.45mm vinyl
  • Ethically manufactured: no child, forced or underpaid labor
  • Soft sides and inflatable 3″ floor provide wonderful comfort
  • Two internal handles for pushing or for easier position changes.
  • Inflates & Deflates Quickly The large air valve allows for fast inflating and deflating

Fees & Policies

A 5-week tub rental is $275. For delivery and pick-up of tub within Manhattan, and parts of Bronx/Queens/Brooklyn, an additional charge of $50 .


Included in your rental:

  • All parts needed for assembling the tub
  • Detailed instruction booklet
  • One disposable tub liner
  • Floating thermometer
  • Two hoses (one for filling and one for draining), plus faucet attachments
  • Sump Pump for quick draining