Attentive Doula for Two of My Kids

During our meetings and over the phone, Myla was very attentive, and I knew that I wanted her as my doula.  Although the idea of birth scared me a bit, I envisioned a great experience.  As I was approaching my due date, I felt an incredible sense of assurance that I would be able to rely on her.  Her presence during my labor was priceless.  My partner was unavailable when I went into labor and Myla showed up right away, exuding calmness and confidence.  Before leaving for the hospital, we took a walk in the sun, which was very grounding and helped me to prepare for the uncertainty ahead of me.  Then at the hospital, her constant presence assured me of my strength.  To avoid induction, we did more walking and it worked.  Finally most of my progress happened with the help of a warm bath.  I was overjoyed when my son was born, and was also beaming with gratitude that I was able to do it naturally!   Even after birth, Myla continued to be attentive to my new baby and me.  Her breastfeeding support turned my frustration into ease.  I couldn’t imagine another birth without Myla.  Indeed, she supported me for my next birth of my beautiful daughter. I’m so thankful that Myla helped in making these experiences beautiful!

~L. Cook~