Birth & Postpartum Support

We had such a wonderful experience with Myla. She is such a beautiful soul, so gentle and nurturing. We couldn’t imagine having our birth without her. The attention she gave us and her presence throughout the whole experience really made everyone involved feel cared for and at ease. During our prenatal meetings, Myla helped us prepare for labor and birth, and we needed special support because we switched from hospital to home birth in the final weeks of pregnancy.  Myla was always available if we ever had questions. Jamie especially appreciated her help as well. He mentioned that he felt like she was a guardian angel – there for every moment, reading his mind, and supporting him to be the best birth partner he could be. I sincerely believe baby Logan chose Myla to be with us as he was born. We were in such good hands with Myla, and we will definitely want her to support us for baby number two!

One of my most memorable moments with Myla was when she came back to visit us postpartum. I was starting to feel challenged as I was second-guessing myself and my own god given maternal instincts. Myla was very assuring. She told me to trust myself. She was so gentle with Logan and me during the time when he and I were getting to know each other. We turned off the lights, took off Logan’s onesie, and placed him on my bare chest to nurse. Myla spoke to me in such a powerful way about motherhood. I released my tears as Myla sat with me, and it was the most nurturing care I have ever received, and I learned how to be there for my new baby boy. I will always remember those moments breastfeeding Logan with Myla, and am so glad she helped get us off to a good start. Myla, you are forever in our hearts!

~ Lindsey & Jamie, parents to Logan