Capable & Insightful Support for Epidural Birth

I think back to my first conversation with Myla – I remember feeling hesitant about having a doula at all because I had already had a vaginal childbirth without a doula – it was long and pretty difficult yet thankfully vaginal. Myla came referred from a Manhattan moms group where other moms shared about their birth doula experiences, and I reached out to another mom who recommended her. I wasn’t sure if a doula made sense for us, because I was already planning to have an epidural, like with my first birth. People I had spoken with said things like, “If you’re getting an epidural you probably don’t need a doula.”
Yet one of the reasons I felt good about hiring Myla was because she had a great awareness of how to approach labor with an epidural. And while she was highly supportive of this choice, she also gave information on the possibility of not having one. Her experience with many second births, both with and without epidurals, seemed valuable, and she proved very capable and insightful during my actual labor and delivery.
Myla suggested good positions to help me rest and encourage baby to come down, collaborating excellently with my L&D nurse. When my epidural stopped being effective, she helped us stay ahead of the issue which would have been a great challenge. She really was a great support to both me and my husband; as he put it, “it was like night and day” in comparison to our first time!