Cesarean Section Support

We met several doulas (not even really sure we wanted one because we were afraid they would be too ‘granola’), yet after meeting Myla, we knew we a doula, and we knew we wanted her. Myla was such a sweet, calming presence throughout our birth experience. Myla sent us into a positive mind space for the arrival of our baby girl. Our time together prior to birth eased any fears I had. My husband and I felt well-equipped, and any anxiety we had literally went away once we knew we were going to have Myla with us for support. She felt like an old friend right from the start.

We had hoped for a natural childbirth, but we wound up having a C-section. Myla met us in the hospital and was by our side before surgery and immediately after to assist with breastfeeding.* Even though it wasn’t our ideal vision, it was a perfect C-section, and we could not have asked for anything better. Myla’s postpartum care** was amazing and incredibly helpful for breastfeeding (making sure our latch was correct and providing alternate positions). She was always willing to help us with everything, and most importantly allowed me to take a much needed nap =) We could not have asked for anything more of Myla, and we were so happy to have her as part of our birth.

~Stephanie & Derek

* In the instances where families have a C-Section, it becomes my highest priority to assist with breastfeeding.

** Sometimes a scheduled cesarean becomes necessary, in which case I transfer my birth doula service to postpartum support hours to continue with home support as a mother recovers from her surgery.