Great Breastfeeding Support

Myla was a great help to me when I began to experience trouble with breastfeeding, which was one of the reasons we chose her to be our doula. Her experience and availability to help with the breastfeeding process immediately after birth, and beyond, is definitely appreciated. A few days after the birth of our daughter, I became engorged and had developed cracked, bleeding nipples. I was distraught, and I knew couldn’t continue on doing what I was doing, because it clearly wasn’t working. Myla helped us through this challenge. After a night of minimal rest, lots of crying, and not much breastfeeding, I reached out to her just hours before my baby’s naming ceremony. Without hesitation, Myla rearranged her schedule, even though she had friends and family in town, and came to our house within an hour of my call. She made sure we were getting good latches and stayed until we had to leave and helped us work on new positions that would allow me to continue feeding more comfortably. Myla has remained available for troubleshooting advice as our baby gets older. Things are going much better for us all. Thanks for the support, Myla!

~Tristin and Josh, parents to Lilah