Helped Us Feel Comfortable During Our Sacred Experience

Myla was our doula for the homebirth of our baby girl T’sehai. She was not only helpful for me, but for my husband as well. I loved the sound of her voice, very calming. Myla has a steady demeanor and she really listened to what I had to say. During prenatal meetings, I enjoyed her exercises. She asked questions to get to know us. For example, I love the smell of lavender, and Myla had essential oils to make the room smell of lavender during my labor. I also had a fear about childbirth from an early age that I would give birth, and my baby would live, but I would pass away. Myla helped ease my fear through meditation. The exercises we did helped us feel comfortable to allow her into our home during this sacred experience. Though we were planning a homebirth, Myla helped us feel comfortable about the possibility of having to go to the hospital if it were needed. Myla supported us from the beginning of the labor and stayed after the birth; she was there five hours before our midwife, and afterwards supported with breastfeeding. Myla also made a hearty, delicious vegetable soup, which was very comforting after my labor. It was a great experience, and we recommend her to our friends.

 ~Michelle & Chris~