VBAC Victory

The experience for our second birth was 180° different from the first. Yes, my labor was more painful, and it went a lot longer, and I was un-medicated. Even so, I consider it to be a totally positive experience. The main memories of my first labor consisted of doubt, uncertainty, worry, and confusion: I didn’t know what was happening, what my body was doing, and how my baby was. This time, there was a much better sense of progression, and although difficult and more physically demanding, I felt encouraged and reassured along the way. During the most brutal portion of my labor, “transition,” I understood what was happening, and was reminded that we were in the home stretch. I felt a sense of clarity of how it fit into the whole process. All the reading could never prepare me for how challenging the actual experience would be; yet I look back and feel great about it. I have zero regrets.

Myla supported me throughout. My nurse, who was amazing, was probably present for about one hour of my 16-hour labor. She did not rub my back, explain or reassure, as her role was otherwise. Had Myla not been there, my husband and I would have felt like we were on our own, similar to how I felt during my first labor and birth, which resulted in a C-section. I am very pleased that I had a totally different experience this time around, and glad for Myla’s presence